A Private Wine Country Retreat Overlooking the
Valley of the Moon
Sonoma Valley

contact: maurine@smilingeyestribe.com
or call: (650) 344-1403

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Cinque Terre is five miles up a windy (and scenic) single-lane mountain road (Cavedale Road), very near the Sonoma/Napa borderline.  When you arrive, you will be across from what is historically known as "Top of the World" Ranch.  It can take up to 25 minutes to get up the road (from the Village of Glen Ellen) if you are unfamiliar with it, it can take as few as 15 minutes when you are familiar with it.

If you prefer a more "civilized" road, you can take Trinity Road from Hwy 12.  This is a 2-lane, less windy (although steeper) road.  Refer to a map of the area to see this alternate route.

If you desire to visit Napa from our place, you can drive for about 30 minutes down the other side of the mountain, down Dry Creek/Oakville Grade, which is a 2-lane windy mountain road.

Cinque Terre is truly a hide-away retreat in that, once you arrive, you don't really want to leave!  You are really tucked in, above the clouds to enjoy a peaceful reprieve from city life!

If you desire shopping, dining out alot and sight-seeing downtown, you may want to stay closer to town.